You are finally here!

Yes, you.  You have been wanting more out of life.  Maybe you want to learn new skills.  Maybe you want to help others.  Maybe you want to make new friends.  Maybe you want to learn more about Improv Comedy.  Maybe you want to get in better physical shape.  Maybe you just want to get juiced about your life.  The beauty of life is the fact that everything always aligns to perfection and that is why you are here.  How you got here doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you are here now.

What is I am 50Million?

“I am 50Million is a social group that teaches personal development and does charity work.”  Yes, it that simple.  We are a social group where individuals get together to help each other be the best they can be.  We do so many different activities that help people live a more fulfilled, enriched, and powerful life.  We do this by creating events where we can learn, have fun, help others, and become better versions of ourselves.

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